Tuesday, July 19, 2011


My first in-home workout.

And in between Turbo Fire and P90X, and shorts stints of utililizing RevAbs, I ALWAYS return to my girl, Chalene.

It's PERFECT for the beginner, but WILL be a challenge.

So, why do I like it?

1. Effective Use of Time. The longest workout is 45 minutes long. The others? Between 26-35. And in that time, YOU WORK. There is no messing around.

2. Muscle Burns Fat. Period. And at my age, the last thing I want to do is lose muscle. Muscle increases your metabolism. Muscle burns fat. Muscle looks good. I need this muscle. And you do also.

3. Simple Choreography. There's no Turbo Jam chorography here (unless you count the bonus dvd). The moves are more like athletic drills.

4. Quality Instruction. Chalene is a fantastic teacher. She explains everything. My husband says that he can figure out what she's telling me to do just from her verbal instructions alone - without watching the screen. She's that clear.

5. Great Recipes. Her nutrition guide rocks. Yummy, easy to prepare food.

6. Real Results. I had fantastic results on my first go around with this program. It works for me. It was great to take a break and try other programs in between my rounds of CLX, but I'm am so excited to be back! See my results here.

7. A Change of Routine Every Month. Aside from Burn (your a&&) Intervals and Burn It Off that are used every week over the 90 days, the lifting routines change each month. I like that. A lot.

8. Minimal Equipment. A resistance band comes with the program. It was not strong enough for my needs. However, for a beginner, it should be fine. For others, a set of weights (5, 8, 10, maybe 15 and 20 lbs) should be sufficient. And if you are truly attempting to set up a workout from home environment - then weights will be an investment you will want to make - not just for CLX, but for future workouts as well.

9. Community Accountability. If you want it. Through my FB wall, the WOWY gym, email, phone, I can be in touch with you, as will others doing the routine. The hand has been extended, one can either grab it, or say, "I'm cool on my own."

10. Positive Atmosphere. Chalene has a way of getting inside your head and changing the way you speak to yourself. Beachbody has a way of encouraging everyone, from beginner to seasoned exercise enthusiast, with the same amount of enthusiastic cheering that we all need.

Ready? Set? Make a decision and PRESS PLAY!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Shakeology Ingredients ROCK!

After watching Food Inc. and being so disappointed in how food is being processed here in the US, I've been encouraged by THIS.

Gluten Free. Caffeine Free. Free of artificial sweeteners.


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