Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Don't Understand Exactly What You're Doing (but was too embarrassed to ask)

"Just the facts, Ma'am."


You are not certified in personal training or group fitness. How can you be an "Independent Team Beachbody Coach"?
A Team Beachbody Coach is someone who desires for others to be fit and healthy, and thus shares with them the quality programs that are available through Beachbody.  As a Coach, I am a "product of the product", and as I improve my own health and well being, I desire to keep you on task as well.  I have simply decided to take the steps to change my life and want you to do the same.

Here are some Coaching Facts from my website.

What if I order a program or supplement and do not like it?
Return it.  Beachbody stands by their products.  Before deciding to become a Coach, I returned a program that I found too easy for me.  Had I known then that I would become a Coach, I would have kept it and loaned it to YOU!

How does one become a Coach?
To become an Independent Team Beachbody Coach, there is a sign-up fee of $39.95.  Most gyms have this type of registration fee, on top of their monthly membership costs.  The only monthly fee that is required to be a Beachbody Coach is $14.95, and this is for the use of  TWO, Team Beachbody websites:

The Team Beachbody site where you will log your workouts, encourage and motivate others working out with you, and direct interested parties to view video shorts of the programs and products, for which you will receive a nice 25% of every sale. Commissions are sent directly to an account of your choice every week.

The second website that is managed for Coaches is the Shakeology site which explains the benefits of Shakeology, provides informational videos, success stories, and the opportunity for customers to order directly from the site.  Coaches receive a 25% commission on these sales as well.

As a Coach, I also get 25% off all personal purchases.  This is great for me, as we use Shakeology and Protein Powder in our house.  There is no inventory to keep, no paperwork to organize, and no website maintenance.

Here is a link with specifics about the perks of Coaching.

I like the idea, but why do I have to pay $14.95 a month for two websites?
Whether you see the value of website maintenance for two sites being handled for only $14.95/month, is directly related to whether you even have a desire to build a business.  For me, I consider these websites my store fronts.  I think of the $14.95 as my monthly rent for each store.  The small amount also allows me the use of $100 million of advertising that Beachbody handles for me.  Try opening a business and renting space for $14.95 a month.

Honestly, you don't HAVE TO build business out of this.  You can just sign on as a Coach in order to get a discount on products.  In my opinion, however, if you've gone this far, you obviously like the products, and you might as well share them with others and make a little profit. 

Are there any other opportunities for discounts?
Yes.  So coaching isn't for you, but you would still like to get a discount on the products you use.  Sign on to become a Club Member (which is an on-line gym membership) and receive 10% off products.  Plus, log in your workouts each day and be automatically entered in a daily drawing to win cash prizes anywhere from $300-$1000.  Every day.  Each week there is a $1000 winner.  No joke. Other daily prizes have been netbooks, and the ever popular Itouch.  Log in a workout and be entered to win.  This membership costs $2.99/week and is billed quarterly.

Here is some information on the Club Membership.

Shakeology.  The price.  What is up with that?
Yes.  I agree with you.  It's steep.  But, it's steep only if you are thinking of it as a shake.  This isn't Slimfast.  Shakeology gives you a daily intake of vitamins and minerals, as well as flushes the system and removes cravings.  Plus it is cheaper than most fast food meals and coffees that don't do anything for health or your vitamin intake.  There are 4 benefits of Shakeology:

1. Lose Weight
2. Feel Energized
3. Improve Digestion and Regularity
4. Lower Cholesterol

If you skip meals, are constantly hungry, do not take a multi-vitamin, and need a quick meal for your quick lifestyle, than this is an option for you.

These are just a few of the questions I've entertained over these past three weeks. 

In only three weeks time, I have:

  • dropped 7 lbs, inches, and can visibly see a difference in my muscle tone.  
  • added two new coaches to my organization and 5 new customers.  Thus I received a nice direct deposit from Beachbody this past Thursday, and can expect one every week if I continue working.   
  • set myself up to receive free customers, routed to me by Beachbody from orders made via their direct 1-800 line or general website.  All those folks will be assigned a Coach.  Beachbody will now route those customers my way.  
And all of this has happened via face to face conversations, facebook, and email

What questions do you have for me that I haven't yet answered?


Friday, April 23, 2010

Brand Loyalty

When I like something, I tend to become an evangelist for it.

Books. Films. Restaurants. Products.

If I like it, I'm going to talk it up.

That is not usually the norm. I once heard a statement that those with negative feedback about a product or service tend to be more vocal than those who have had a positive experience with the same item.

Negative comments outnumbering positive ones. How sad.

Thus, I tend to shower my favorite products with praise and then sing those praises at the top of my lungs (usually in a tune that can be equated with musical theater) for all to hear. Often, there are jazz hands involved. And a jazz square.

I am certainly doing this with Beachbody. Simply put, Beachbody is my choice for fitness products.

I also do this with Mary Kay. Mary Kay is my choice for skin care and cosmetics.

I do this with restaurants. I prefer the local Chinese take-out to the buffet. I prefer the locally owned coffeeshop to Starbuck's (except on Earth Day when Starbuck's gave me coffee for free - I'm no dummy.)

I will not shop at Walmart.

It's funny, though. Being so vocal about brand loyalty seems to make folks defensive.

Truly, whether you prefer "this or that" comes down to opinion, but when one (like myself) sees such incredible results with the products I choose, it's hard not to want to share them.

I have one more ChaLEAN Extreme workout and then I've completed 3 weeks. 3 weeks of working out AND eating clean. My reward: muscle tone, weight loss, and increased energy. Why would I not speak of it, or any of the programs that Beachbody has to offer, to those who continue to struggle with this area of their lives?

So whether I'm talking up Beachbody, Mary Kay, or my local, "old school" pharmacy, no need to get testy. I just like to share what works for me. And by working for me, I do mean: healthy body, great skin, and money in my pocket for sharing the products with others.

But, would you mind my asking you to look inward to see what it is that might bring out a defensive response to my transparency? It's ok. We're all friends here.

Are you really wanting to tackle a new exercise program, but just don't know how?
Is cost your concern?
Would you secretly like to make a little extra money but are afraid of the risk?

All valid concerns. I had every single one myself.

But, as Mark Twain once said, "Get your facts first. Then, you can distort them as much as you please."

And . . . don't sell yourself short.

For YOU are a fabulous brand. And thus, as is my way, I will totally talk you up and walk the journey with you.

'Cause I dig you.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shakeology: What's the Scoop?

If you are like many, you see no issue with paying upwards of $3.00 (or more) for a latte. And there are times when you do so everyday.

Or how about those fancy juices - with boosts - that can run you close to $5?

When my husband was running Newport Coffeehouse back in his seminary days, he spoke of a customer who literally kept $100 in cash in the glove compartment of her car just to insure she'd have her daily coffee money. One cup in the morning, one cup after work. Total? $4.00 a day (unless she got a latte, whereupon she'd have to break into the stash in her trunk).

So, when someone says to me, "Wow, that Shakeology stuff is expensive,", I respond with the fact that one serving equals an entire MEAL replacement for the price of a latte or a certain franchise juice that everyone finds so darn healthy. If you are trying to lose weight, it would behoove you to check the calories and sugar content on those. Just sayin'.

If you want the FACTS on Shakeology, take 12 minutes to watch THIS.

If you are short on time, watch THIS.

Ok, so maybe you aren't spending money on fancy coffee's or highfalutin juices. Are you, however, getting all the nutrients you need everyday? Are you trying so hard to lose weight that you are cutting dietary corners? Do you skip meals? All of this will backfire on your attempts to get in better physical shape.

My diet (if you can really call it that) consists of 1400 calories right now. This includes 3 meals and 3 snacks. No, I'm not eating low-carb. My diet consists of awesome whole wheat buns, and flat breads and tortillas. I've done the low-carb life. Yes, it worked for me - before having to cook for any entire family. I simply can not afford that lifestyle. I eat a well balanced diet. Clean food. Fuel.

If you are having difficulty getting that area under control, I boldly ask you to join me in the SHAKEOLOGY SHAKEDOWN challenge.

SHAKE off those extra pounds with SHAKEOLOGY*. 

There are more details to come soon, but there will be a PRIZE for the BIGGEST LOSER by June 8.  If you order Home Direct you get FREE SHIPPING, FREE SHAKEOLOGY WORKOUTS, and a FREE SHAKER CUP. JOIN MY TEAM of coaches and you'll additionally get 25%OFF!!!

Contest goes from May 8-June 8 so get your orders in ASAP and be ready to 
get your SHAKE on by May 8. 

You can read more about Shakeology and order from my site RIGHT HERE

(Oh, and for those of you who think I may be yanking your chain on this . . . guess which male member of our household will be taking this challenge?)

*Shakeology is gluten-free and caffeine-free

Monday, April 19, 2010

Increase = Decrease

I know. It sounds contradictory.

Lifting heavy weights will not necessarily bulk you up. Women fear this, so they shun the almighty dumbbell. I'm telling you, this is NOT what I am experiencing. The amount of weight I life is up. As of this morning. Everything else, my friend is going down!

Ladies, you are missing out.

Repeat after me. Muscle BURNS fat. Muscle BURNS fat. Muscle BURNS fat. But . . . it's not easy.

Intervals, strength/resistance training, and diet.


Leave the diet part out and you can just fuggedaboutit.

That's why Chalene's program is so darn good.  Not only does she have me fatiguing my muscles, but I am refueling with 1400 calories a day.  Here's a look at the program:

Day One:  Burn Circuit 1 (lifting heavy weights at a slow speed for 10-12 reps)
Day Two:  Off
Day Three:  Burn Intervals (lifting lighter weights for more reps with cardio interval blasts worked in)
Day Four:  Burn Circuit 2 (like Monday, only different exercises)
Day Five:  Burn Circuit 3 (ditto)
Day Six:  Burn it Off (another tough cardio interval day)
Day Seven:  OFF
(for more detail please visit my Team Beachbody Coach website,or click the ChaLEAN advertisement above)

I also add in ab workouts, a great yoga-like recharge stretch, and, on one of the off days, I run, or play tennis or pop the ab dvd back in.

My longest workout?

60 minutes.

After this week and next I will move on the next 30 day phase. Wondering what it will look like - but I'm not going to peek ahead.

My results from 10 actual ChaLEAN Extreme Workouts (which means two full weeks on the program, which includes adjusting my diet):
  • Although I'm not supposed to, I stepped on the scale, 'cause I just felt leaner.  Down.  6.5 lbs.
  • I am definitely looking more sculpted.  My arms especially.
  • Had to tighten the belt to keep the pants from gaping in the back, which would not be pretty.
  • NOT HUNGRY.  Funny what eating 6 times a day, and clean foods at that, rather than starving one's self or eating tons of fat-free crap can do for your overall well being.
I am working hard.  Really hard.  There's no shortcut.  Sorry.

I think I may do it because I know there's a chocolate-peanut butter protein shake waiting for me after I workout every morning.

I'm doing this for myself. My husband, children, and friends will certainly reap the rewards of my commitment to myself, but as I mentioned in an earlier post, this is my "gas mask". I'm securing mine SO THAT I can secure masks for the others in my life.

What have you decided?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Share Your Goals: Unless, that is, you're too chicken

Yeah, I went there.

I was shakin' to Burn Circuit 3 this morning, when Chalene said, "Share your goals." Well, obviously I have no problem doing this. I blog constantly, I Facebook my life, and I yap a ton about what I am trying to accomplish in my life.


Because I talk to so many people, mainly women, who are a bit aimless with goals. There may be a desire to be or do or experience something new, and yet, there's NO TARGET.

How are you going to reach a goal without focusing on a specifically marked target out in front? Without a target you are aiming at, well, nothing. Yeah. That's effective.

I have goals. They are lofty.

Physically: I need to lose about 15 more pounds. (Please don't read this and think, "Joline, you are fine. You don't need to lose any weight." I get that a lot. It infuriates me. That is my goal. Let me have my goal). The weight I'm at right now does not fit my life-style or personality. My number goal is not unreasonable. I spent years at that goal - all while working out and eating well. Thus, on Chalene's program there is no reason why I can't reach my target once again.

Spiritually: I am a hit or miss pray-er. My goal this year is to pray for my husband and children daily. I've been on and off. I keep a notebook for them, and haven't touched it in a few weeks. That doesn't mean I haven't prayed, but my notebook is my accountability, so I must return to it.

Mentally: Still digging away at those writing goals. One article submitted somewhere each month. So far, so good.

Emotionally: Choose friendships that uplift me, activities that refresh me, and choices that help me secure my mask (think airplane travel) before securing the mask of others. Think about it. Who am I going to assist if I'm passed out on the floor?

Professionally: Sell my pink products to my pink loving customers, and get everyone I can on a steady workout program through Beachbody. I am so committed to this new effort that I am passionate about finding new coaches to join me. For both, I'll leave the naysayer's alone. They just give me cramps.

There is nothing wrong with communicating your goals. Give it a shot. Maybe you will surprise yourself by actually reaching the target. Maybe even hitting the bulls-eye.

Shake and bake, baby.

That's how I like to deal with chicken. Free range, of course.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

8 Days A Week

8 days in to ChaLEAN Extreme.

I am feeling fantastic. More energy. Stonger. The combination of the workouts and a clean eating plan are definitely making a positive dent on my overall well being: physically, for sure, but also emotionally and mentally. And I've even given myself a "blow" day this week to enjoy a glass of wine and some chocolate mouse while out on the Pitt-town with two special girlfriends.

The result?

These reactions from family and friends:

"Jo, your guns are coming back!"

My dear, dear husband made this remark on Monday. Monday marked my 6th workout with Chalene, and my 8th day on the program (it's not just exercise people . . . gotta change the way you eat also). Only the 8th full day and my arms are looking leaner and more sculpted.

Day 1 compared to Day 8

Not horrible.  I've never had flabby arms, but I did have wonderfully sculpted arms back in the day, and I want them back.

8 days into the program and my arms are definitely more toned and the re-birth of my bicep muscle is something to celebrate and continue building.

And upon my removing my coat at bible study yesterday, a friend remarked,

"Wow! Is THAT from the workout you are doing?"


"Your waist! It's so tiny."

Must be. I can't attribute it to anything else.

Other than 8 days of ChaLEAN Extreme which I am following to the T. To. The. Letter.

If she says drink a protein shake. I do.
If she says use the butt and thigh band. I do.
If she says lift to the point of failure. I do.

I do.  There's not cutting corners.  I'm invested.

But, no, you won't see the full "before" picture until I'm completely done.  And that one I'll post at, where you should be going to get yourself started on something radical.

Had this thought the other day.

Many of you are looking for a workout that completely fits you, but, in fact, the you that you are right now is the you that you desire to change.  Thus, wouldn't it be better to choose a workout which is NOT LIKE YOU?  Something uncomfortable?  Something challenging?  Something different?  If you want to change you, then you much change what you are doing.  Now, if you are currently doing nothing . . . well then, any new something will be the best choice.

Just do something.  And if you choose to do it with me (through any of the stellar Beachbody programs), I will be here to keep you motivated. 

Click here to see a rundown of the awesome programs we offer.

And once you get hooked, take the second step of getting PAID to get FIT.

Now, THAT is crazy.

Monday, April 12, 2010


I really like Beachbody's motto:

Decide.  Commit.  Succeed.

Here's another powerful motto:

Waffle.  Postpone.  Fail.

I honestly don't believe most people are quitters.  Underachievers?  Yes.  I am one.  I struggle with doing the bare minimum everyday.  However, by constantly berating myself for not finishing a project, I run the risk of developing a pretty nasty case of the "would of, could of, and should of's."  Not healthy.

So, rather than waffling, postponing, and thus ultimately failing, I have chosen to do the opposite.

I have forged ahead.

Stop over-thinking this.

I've had a number of people trying to decide whether they want to join me in conquering ChaLEAN Extreme, or any of the other programs offered by Beachbody.  Again, why Beachbody???

Quality of the programs.

And Accountability:  I will be on your side, as will countless others when you choose to use the online tools that Beachbody hands you for FREE.  Yes, you will be working out in your home.  Alone - unless you gather some friends.  But, after that workout, there is a cyber-community on hand to help track your personal progress.  You are not alone in the entire process.  Unless you choose not to use the tools.

It's just like not driving to that gym for which you pay a monthly membership fee not to use.

Your choice.

"But I don't know if I have the time."  Well, if this is a goal of yours, to focus on your health and wellness, you may just need to chop something else out of your schedule for a while until a habit for working out sets in.  Or, rise earlier.

I can't give you more time. But I can tell you that you can use this roadblock for years until you decide to physically move the roadblock. But, OK then, you don't have time.  Just sit behind the roadblock and wait for it to miraculously move itself.  I'm sure you'll burn some calories that way.

"It's too expensive." You get what you pay for. How's that "non-expensive" program working for you right now? Or that gym membership of $60 a month. If you aren't doing anything at all, then this is not a valid excuse. Sorry.

"I don't know if I'll like the program." You can't base anything on watching an infomercial or 3 minute clip. NEWSFLASH: You have to physically try it. Then, if you don't like it, Beachbody let's you return it (less S & H). Try that at Best Buy or Amazon once you've opened a DVD.

I'm not trying to be a smart-a%$. It's just that I have been an excuse-maker for years. I finally know what I want - which is the first step.

What do you want?

Stop over-thinking this and get started. Or wait another day. And another. And another.

And then get back with me to share the results of that plan.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

How Many Bicep Curls Did You Do Today?

I did a bazillion.

And you?

Today was interval training with Chalene.

Now, I've done intervals, and do hold the belief that intervals are the most perfect way to get results quickly.

I do interval training when I run. Opting for running 3 minutes, and then walking 1 minute. Repeat. I hold to the Galloway method of running and know that anyone, yes, anyone could actually complete a mile, or 2 or 3 by adopting his method. There's no shame in it. I've tackled several 5K's, 10K's, and half-marathons using this method. And have always had faster personal best times due to this method. It works. I no longer have chronic shin splits or foot pain (and I have an odd bone deformity in both my feet - so don't complain to me).

So, already liking intervals as much as I do, I knew I would dig today's workout with Chalene. Day 3: Burn Intervals and Ab Burner. What is it?

Short spurts of intense cardio work followed by high reps of lifting using low weights to build muscle endurance.

Sound easy?

Get a life.

I am also a fan of Jillian Michaels who has a much shorter interval workout program of 20 minutes in length from warm-up to cool-down.

I now realize that this will not cut it for me. ChaLEAN Extreme's Burn Interval with the Ab Burner was a whopping 63 minutes today. Non-stop.

Twenty minutes may be great for some, but I am CONVINCED unless you are at the point in a workout where you just don't think you can take another step, or jump higher, or lift one more rep, you just aren't taxing yourself hard enough to make a difference. At least not if you are trying to lose weight. Upon maintaining? Ok, get in that 3 miles walk and enjoy yourself, but for me? I'm trying to make some serious changes. Changes that can only occur if the pain sucks for a bit.

Ladies, and especially those in the late 30's and 40's, a cardio-only exercise program will not cut it. We must build muscle NOW, for we lose it as we age. You must figure out a way to get in some serious strength/resistance training.

Let me say one more thing. If you are still trying to "figure out a plan", or decide on a program, or get started on something new, JUST PICK SOMETHING AND DO IT ALREADY! Tell your family to get on board. Explain that Mom will be better for it. I know I am.

I did a bazillion bicep curls today.

How about you?


Oh, ok. I guess that's a plan too.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Eeks! A Spider!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, that spider would be me.

Burn Circuit 2 of ChaLEAN Extreme today. Sweat pouring down my back. Figuring out what amount of weight I need to lift so that I hit failure. Shaking legs. And then? She ends with push-ups. ENDS with push-ups.

I began on my knees, knowing that my arms were way too tired to sustain me if I did I regular push-up on my toes. But, then, Chalene told me to attempt at least one on the toes.

So I did.

Three spider push-ups on the toes.

And then I fell flat on the floor.


She made a good point in this workout.

"Don't say you are going to TRY to work out. Say I WILL work out."

I had to press "pause" a few times, to drink water, reconfigure my weights (I use powerblocks), and just breathe. But, the important thing is that I didn't press "stop".


Take pause and reflect upon the amount of time we spend complaining about our bodies, against the time we actually invest in doing something about it.

I gave it 44 strong minutes today.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

40 Means Squat (literally. lots of squats.)

Oh, geez. What is she doing now?

Hey! I can hear you!

Here's the deal. I'm 40. I look like I'm 40. I've NEVER looked my age. EVER. I've always passed for younger. But now, when I look in the mirror, I see 40 staring at me from every angle. Not my skin, mind you. Mary Kay has taken care of that. I'm talking about below the neck.

The definition I used to have in my arms? Gone. The girl who never had a belly? Has one. The woman who has seen proof that she can tone up those legs and thighs? Now carrying a ton of junk in her trunk.

The last year and a half has tried to beat me.

And yet, I'm still standing. And now I'm in a place where I can say, "BACK THE FAT UP!" I will no longer allow mediocrity, as it pertains to my personal health and wellness, to take the upper hand.


I made the choice to become an Independent Team Beachbody Coach. Yep, the P90X peeps. The way I see it, (in what you may call that crazy head of mine) is that in order to get the results I want to see, I MUST LIVE AS IF I HAVE ALREADY SEEN THE RESULTS. Thus, I will be taking on 90 days of ChaLEAN Extreme, and TELLING people that I am doing so. I want my drive to encourage and motivate YOU to take a new step, try a new program, and push yourself farther than you ever have.

Think about it. If what you are currently doing isn't producing the results you want, you have a choice to either keep on doing what your doing, or change it up.

As much as Dr. Phil grates on my nerves, he does have one saying that holds a lot of weight (no pun intended), "How's that workin' for you?"

I know pushing. I have run half-marathons and the endured the "push" through all the trainings and the races. (Ok, marathoners, shhh, I am PROUD to be a half-marathoner). But, I think what has really built within me the ability to push through hardship are the years I spent on the audition circuit back in my acting days. How many people can endure audition after audition, no after no, and STILL keep going? I look back fondly at how hard I trained for those audition. How hard I prepped. How hard I persisted. AND HOW FIT I STAYED DURING THOSE DAYS - as the camera does not lie. I then turned that persistence into training others on how to audition, get that call-back, and land the job. And they did.

I'm a teacher at heart.

So now, I will take my friend on her first 3 mile walk. I will encourage my girlfriends to break the habit of doing the same 'ole, same 'ole on the machines at the gym in exchange for something that will, at times, make them want to quit. And while motivating them, Coach Jo will be doing the exact same thing. In fact, this girl may even get certified to teach group fitness.

And then? Four Mile Church? I'm bringing it to you by way of a new program Beachbody will be unveiling this Spring: Body Gospel.

I'm done. I'm over it. It's time to try something that frightens me a little bit.

Beachbody, here we go.

Whose coming with me?