Friday, January 28, 2011

P90X Wagon Train


Falling off the wagon hurts.

Especially when you've been pushed.

Illness got me this week.  And my daughter.

THANKFULLY, I was entering Week 4 of P90X.  Better known as Recovery Week. Little did I know I would be spending this week trying to recover from illness.

The wagon is a funny thing.

We tend to use the phrase "I fell off the wagon" so casually, whereas, to a number of people, the phrase holds heavy meaning - and consequences.

I am glad to be in a place where "falling off the wagon" doesn't describe reaching rock bottom.  Not anymore.  Now it simply involves getting up off the ground, dusting myself off, and having the ability to take a short run to reach the moving vehicle. I am no longer running frantically in an attempt to catch up with wagon. It's in my sight. I can catch it. I'll be back on board very soon.

I've lost a week. One week. That's all. If it had to be any week at all, P90X Recovery Week was the one to miss.

That's a nice perk of regular, consistent, intentional exercise:  falling off the wagon isn't nearly as severe or life-altering when the activity has become such a part of the dailiness of life.

I'll being "Bringin' It" on Monday. It won't be pretty. No doubt I won't be able to pump out the reps I could last week.

But, what does that matter?

All that matters is that I'll be back on the P90X wagon train after a slight detour.

How about you? Still have your wagon in sight, or has it taken off and left you in the dust?

Can I give you a lift to help you find it?

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  1. This is a great post. So glad I found it. I fell off the wagon HARD a couple of days ago. Went on vacation and just couldn't fit in the workout or the nutrition.

    but the wagon is still in sight. I am going to put that on my calendar for whenever I do stumble.

    Thanks for this simple, inspiring perspective. Gotta go hit Play now.