Saturday, February 19, 2011

What's Your Mountain?

Deuteronomy 2: 2-3

"And the LORD spoke to me, saying,
 'You have circled this mountain long enough. Now turn north'. "

You may not be one for Bible passages, but I am.

This verse is a golden nugget. A chunky morsel.

Many of us continue doing the same activity over and over, while hoping and expecting different results.

This "plan" only results in frustration, for using the same method over and over again when attempting to solve an ongoing problem or make a life change, will only prove ineffective.

Question for you.

What mountain are you currently circling?

Is it a desire to lose weight? Mend a relationship? Start a new business or create a plan to work towards a dream goal? Perhaps pay off debt? Maybe your mountain is a damaging habit, a secret/hidden activity, or a thought/lie that you often tell yourself. Do you look up at that mountain and immediately believe that climbing it is insurmountable? Do you fear any attempts to scale your personal mountain, choosing defeat before even suiting up?

Welcome to Mt. Excusvius!

The mountain IS high. Scaling it WILL be taxing. Climbing it WILL take a concentrated effort. The process will NOT be quick and should be well planned and thought out.

"Hasty climbers make sudden falls."

There will be hurdles, mis-steps, slips and trips, perhaps a re-route or two, and the need for physical and mental fortitude. You will need a map. And supplies. Tools for the journey. Plus, a smart climber would never ascend the mountain without first telling others what he or she intends to do and where they intend on climbing. The importance of safety and accountability shouldn't be discounted or seen as weak.

Inevitably, though, if you keep climbing?


So,what's your first step? Well, that's an easy answer, but not an easy action.

As Seth Godin so simply states, "You don't need more time. You just need to decide."

Team Beachbody.




Are you getting dizzy yet?

Head north.

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  1. Love love love love love this post, Joline! Thank you!