Sunday, May 15, 2011

Don't Become a Beachbody Coach!


Are you CRAZY?!

Why on Earth would you want to be held accountable to your own fitness goals while making an income in the process? That's just ridiculous.

Why would you want to open a home business for only $39 and NOT have to stock inventory, take payments, ship product, or handle returns/exchanges? What a hassle!

Why would you want to pay a monthly fee to have a billion dollar company manage and maintain two websites on your behalf? You have the time, knowledge, and cash to do that on your own, right?

Why would you want to work hard to build a home business with a reputable company who does millions in advertising on your behalf and has 4 fitness programs in the top 10 of all infomercials currently running?

Why would you even entertain breaking out of the endless complaint circle of "I need to get fit and we're strapped for cash?"

Why would you want to work with a company that provides web tools, videos, and the "thumb's up" to creatively promote your own personal business through a blog, social media, the ability to work with non-profits, networking groups, and "out of the box" forms of advertising?

Why would you want to be a part of a direct selling company where you get paid via EFT every week?

Why would you even entertain the notion of getting products like Shakeology at 25% off and 25% commission on every sale from your website? What a joke.

Why attempt any job where you aren't promised you'll "get rich quick?" Time and energy is over-rated.

Why try anything new that even smells of risk? Safe is fun.

Why learn something new at this point in your life, or even admit that someone can teach you skills to start your own business? (That Joline chick drives me crazy with all her enthusiasm!)

Why subject yourself to a positive environment?

Yeah, don't become a Beachbody Coach.


  1. great post!! LOVE IT! and being a beachbody coach is incredable and the best choice i ever made!!

  2. Very bold and awesome post. :)