Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shakeology VS. Slimfast


I drink this.

Not the Slimfast - you know better than that.


And I don't pay $120 for it.

I'm a Beachbody Coach, silly.

The general public craves weight loss miracles claiming "fast", "easy", and "quick" results - without effort, planning, or sweat and good 'ole hard work.

Come on, we're adults.

By now you should realize there is no magic pill.

Shakeology does NOT promise "fast", "easy", or "quick" results. One does not replace 3 meals a day and then go along merrily only to experience the pounds miraculously melting away.

That is NOT how this works.

Shakeology is one tool in your health and fitness toolbox. To be effective, it also requires another very important tool - GASP - exercise.

The above chart shows a few general differences between our product and what you can get in your grocery store. While the up front sticker shock of Shakeology can be frightful, upon comparing the Slimfast "program", one can see that more is spent in a month on a product that is sorely lacking in any nutritional value.

As I stated on my Facebook wall:

If you think $120 is a lot to pay for a month's supply of SHAKEOLOGY, (or $4.00 a day) check out the cost of Slimfast. At $2.25 per meal, x 3 meals a day = $6.75 a day, x 30 days =$202.50 a month. And you can see the added benefits of drinking SHAKEOLOGY over Slimfast. Go to to see what 100 doctors are saying.

And lest you think I'm making this up, I spent some time with the owner of a locally owned health food store yesterday. After looking at the ingredients in Shakeology, he graciously led me around his store to show me what products would need to be combined to "make" a Shakeology-type product, using products he carries. 

"How would that taste?" was my thought - since those products weren't never meant to be combined in the first place.

Oh, and the bottom line of combining those shake powders to replicate a Shakeology-type product?

The wholesale price of Shakeology - a price which anyone can get by becoming a Coach. This isn't some exclusive club.

Please remember that "cheap and easy" doesn't necessarily translate into being "cost effective or beneficial".

Fess up. How are you trying to cut corners? 

Want to try Shakeology at no risk?

Order Shakeology on Home Direct THIS MONTH and receive ONE of FIVE complimentary workout DVD's from me, along with FREE SHIPPING, AND 2 MORE FREE WORKOUTS, and a SHAKER CUP (with your second order), along with a 30 DAY BOTTOM OF THE BAG GUARANTEE.

You may cancel Home Direct at any time, but keep the workout DVD's as my gift.

Is Slimfast refunding your money when, as a friend fessed up to me yesterday, "it's not working"?


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