Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Why Joline Went On a Fitness Bender

This post was graciously written by my brave husband who isn't afraid to speak truth.  For upon sharing his life with others, he has been able to help other men who struggle with depression.  This is his take on why the decision to become a Beachbody Coach and the necessity of my starting and completing my first 90 day fitness journey has been absolutely essential as we continue to fight this often misunderstood illness.

Joline’s 90 day makeover and  beginning the Fit Club at our church have become her “life lines” when calling a friend or a street shout out just won't do (Thank you, Cash Cab).  18 years into marriage I experienced a bout of depression that came on like a tidal wave, and has remained like that of an unwelcome home guest for the past 18 months. Thankfully, we have a strong marriage and faith in Jesus Christ, and while those provide a firm foundation, Joline was still crumbling both physically and emotionally.  ChaLEAN Extreme provided her with some much needed “me” time and helped her to focus her energy in a positive direction.  So many of those married to a spouse who struggles with depression can lose themselves also - often without even realizing it.  Exercise has and continues to provide a life-preserver for Joline, and now she is tossing it to others in need.  I am blessed to call her my wife.  

When I emailed George to express that I was in tears reading this statement, he responded with:

You are my density.


I'll have you know that George is now training for a 13.1 trail run, and working out to RevABs - yes, another Beachbody program.  He is also drinking Shakeology every day which provides him with the B vitamins that are important for those who fight depression, as well as taking medication.  It has taken my 90 days to show him that he too can get back into shape - but this was not something I could tell him.  He needed to figure it out for himself (thank you, Glinda).

Please cheer on my husband as he confronts depression head on and does the physical work needed to drop 40 lbs.

And while you're at it . . . I'm starting Turbo Fire on Monday . . . would you mind cheering me on, also?

And how about you?  How can I cheer for you today?


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  1. Kimara Ann EllefsonJune 6, 2011 at 3:46 PM

    You both have been such a huge inspiration for me and with me in some of my darkest hours. :0) Know that I am cheering you on and continue to think the world of both of you. God blessed me with you in my life during my formative early 20's...George, you are such a man of faith and I thank you for being an amazing example of what it means to be a real man and a devoted husband. Joline...there are never words for how you have encouraged me, saved me, and built me up over the years. I will commit to cheering and praying for both of you everytime I start a workout! I also want to add that exercise has and does make a world of difference in my own battle with depression. Love ya...