Friday, May 20, 2011

Galloway, P90X, and 3.1 Miles Walk Into a Bar . . .

Oh, me.

This has been a cold, rainy spring. Usually, when spring arrives, it heralds in my running season. I'm fair-weathered runner. My last run was back in October. I don't even think about running again until the sun is out and the temps increase.

Not this year. The sun is lost. Temperatures have been chilly.

We had a fluke of a beautiful day back in March. I ran that day - but seeing as I was in the middle of P90X at the time, my muscles were way fatigued. It was ok, but not the greatest.

Today, we had a rainless day. Cloudy, yes. But for about an hour, the sun peeked through. Zane was at a friend's house, so I quickly dressed and made the most of the opportunity.

It has been just over a month since I finished P90X. I have been doing extra cardio during the week since completing the program, and mixing it up with weight training. I have been consistent with exercising at least 5 days week. It's been that way for over year now. I was curious, though, how my running would fair, seeing as I've not touched the pavement with my Sauconys since that last race. Would P90X and Turbo Jam prove to help my pace and comfort while running 3 miles?

It has been 7 months since my last run.

I. Felt. Great. I was just under a 10 minute mile, which is fantastic for me.



Because I've been consistently working out since my half-marathon. Building strength, getting lean, upping the cardio. Cross-training.

It is so nice not to have to start from scratch.

Not sure I'll be doing a ton of runs this summer. I've kind of met my goal. I am going to try an adventure race for a change of pace (ba-dum-chh) and see if I get hooked.

My sites are set on July 16th.

Ruckus Pittsburgh. Here I come.


  1. I've never been a fan of running, but your post makes me want to try! :) Good luck on the adventure race! Now that, I would love to do!

  2. I'm a newbie to running. I started running this winter after I finished Insanity. Ran my first half in March. I haven't run in 2 months until today. My run was derailed by an asthma attack set off by smoke in the air from wildfires, but I'm already looking forward to Friday's run! I'm starting a running group on Facebook. Love to have you join! Like my fan page and make a comment that you want to be in the group and I'll add you! Thanks for the great blog. Have a great day!

  3. Congrats on not losing any ground!

  4. Brr! Hope it warms up soon! Great that you're staying in shape anyway!! Keep it UP!