Tuesday, June 21, 2011

30 Day Shakeology Challenge

Finally got that work out going.

You are committed to a Beachbody program, or walking, or running, or hitting the gym. As little as 10 minutes a day.

You are on a roll.

Only, the results you desperately crave just don't seem to be coming.

You want to say, "WT-", but you don't like to curse.

What's the dealio?

Nutrition. Are you tracking what you eat? There is absolutely no way to get around the fact that calories in and calories out does make a difference. And it takes burning 3500 of those calories to lose a pound.

So, do you know what you are eating?

Why not add ONE steady meal to your day? You know what I'm going to suggest? Why? Because I believe in it. I don't eat "diet" food with artificial everything. I want whole foods. Shakeology provides me this, along with vitamins and minerals, pro-biotics, yada, yada. I can talk 'till I'm blue in the face. Do the research at

This isn't a magic potion.  It's a balanced potion.

Here's the challenge.

Take Before/After shots. Measure yourself. Commit to 30 days of exercise 3-5 days a week. Commit to one Shakeology a day.

On Day 30, share your results.

Don't dig the shake? Return the empty bag for a full refund. But keep your results!

Let's chat.

For your reference. Try these blog posts: Kellie's Success Story, and Pay Less for Shakeology.


  1. Tracking calories is the way to go! As much as people don't want to believe it, the "old fashioned" way of losing weight - having a deficit of 3500 for every pound you want to lose - really does work! Great advice!

  2. Funny post :) And very encouraging. I've lost weight on Shakeology -- great stuff! Thanks for spreading the word.