Sunday, February 20, 2011

Expedition to the Top of Mount Excusvius

Do you have any plans for March?


How about May?

Wanna climb a mountain with me for 90 days?

A number of people who accepted my last challenge are currently entering days 60-90. At the end of those 90 days, the numbers will be tallied. The "before" and "after" pictures will be viewed. Prizes will be awarded. Success will be CELEBRATED!

As we enter the last month of that challenge, I thought it only right to begin a new pre-summer challenge.

You may have felt a "doh" has you read my mountain post last week. If you did, I'm asking you, directly, to "head north". You will not ascend the mountain unprepared or alone. There will be no "hasty" means of weight loss. You will follow a well-developed, proven, and critically-acclaimed program by the good folks at Beachbody. For all of us are committed to helping "End the Trend" of obesity in our country.

Here's the scoop. And, before you read further, yes, it will be an investment.

Here Are The Rules:
  • Each participant must purchase and commit to a Beachbody program for 90 days (Power 90, P90X, TurboFire, Rev-Abs, Chalean Extreme,  Body Gospel, Brazil Butt Lift, Turbo Jam, Hip-Hop Abs, etc.)
  • Each participant must commit to 90 days (3 consecutive monthly orders) of Shakeology Home Direct.
There is the option of getting both your program and Shakeology at 25% off by becoming a Coach with Team Beachbody. Don't immediately rule this out. I became a Coach very shortly after taking my "before" picture. Coaching served as an extra motivation for me.
  • Each participant  must send me a Before picture and After picture with date as well as certain measurements and weight.

    Some contest, right?  Maybe you're thinking, "WAIT! I don't just fill out my name on some card and hope my name is called?"


    I am asking you to do NOTHING LESS than what I did to make a change in my life. I'm not going to carry you up the mountain. I will, however, scale it with you.

Why Do This?
  • You have decided you are ready for change.  You are committed to make it happen. You have wanted to succeed in this area for a long time.  Now is the time!
  • You want to wear a smaller clothes size, or be able to play with the kids w/out getting winded, or lower your chances of heart disease and diabetes.
  • You want to Win Fantastic Prizes!! There will be a FIRST and SECOND place prize that will make it all worth while!! :)
  • You will inspire others to do something as well, and maybe even want to help someone in their own journey!
If you are serious about this, and want to be a part in this challenge, please message me on Facebook or email me at and we will set up an interview. 

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