Tuesday, August 24, 2010

When Exercise Slumps Happen To Good People


What are you saying, Joline?

You've hit an exercise SLUMP????

So I return from vacation 10 days ago completely fired up.  I had just experienced my very first vacation where I actually exercised every day.

I returned home realizing that in just about two weeks time, I would be on route to Chicago for a short trip, and then, boom, school starts.

I panicked.

First day home from vacation:  I slept and watched TV.
Second day back:  worked out
Third day back:  worked out.  twice.
Fourth through Ninth day back:  nada.  zip.  no way.  just. can't. muster. it. up. (Count 'em.  That's 6 days, people!)
Today:  led my Fit Club through Body Gospel AND LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

I miss working out.

Yes, you heard me.

I miss working out like I miss having a good book to read.  GAH!  Did I just type that?

And yet, I had to get the state of this house set before leaving for Chicago, and unfortunately, exercise took the brunt of it.  Sorry, friend.

But, after tonight?  After sweating it out with 14 other women in my church's basement?  I feel like I'm back again.  What a rush.  What an odor . . . yeah, we really brought it.

My last exercise slump lasted from, oh, November to April, so this one . . . 6 days, wasn't so bad.

Much better rebound.

Oh, Turbofire.  Oh, Chalene.  Did you miss me????

See you in the morning.

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  1. Yes, I would definitely say that six days is NOT bad. I would call that a decent summer week for me, sadly.

    I started running again this past fall, and I was doing pretty well up until school let out. A few times throughout the summer I have let two weeks creep in between runs (though I do try to stay active by chasing my kid around, walking sometimes, and throwing in the occasional pool romp). I am hopeful now that school is back in session, I can get back on the wagon. It won't be a wagon ride like yours, but having read some of your posts and feeling inspired, maybe I can try to do it more often.

    Two times in one day? Impressive.