Wednesday, March 16, 2011

P90X: Week 11, Shoulders and Arms

Huge milestone today.

Unassisted chin-up or pull-up?


I'm learning where I'm strongest physically. And it ain't at the bar. At least not during this round of P90X.


Shoulder strength?



Holy moly, folks, the improvements that I've made on these muscles in just shy of 90 days are pretty incredible. And I've been tracking my progress, so I'm not just pulling numbers out of the sky.

Today, I, as Tony would put it, "Brought it." Big time.

I pushed through each rep, even adding another when I didn't think I could - with visions of P90X Recovery Formula dancing in my head. No kidding. I love that stuff.

I did not slack ONCE.

And then, on Ab Ripper X, for the first time ever, I was able to complete the entire 15 minutes without stopping. I made contact a few times on the Oblique V-ups, and completed all Mason Twists (49) with legs raised.

Just as with ChaLEAN Extreme when it took me almost a full 90 days to complete Burn Intervals without stopping, I can now say that I've reached the place with P90X where I can get through Ab Ripper X without pausing.



There was NOTHING easy about the last 11 weeks. NOTHING. I have yelled at the TV, eaten carpet, bonked (due to poor nutrition), cursed the chin-up bar (yes, I have), and wondered if I would really get through 90 days.

I essentially have one more week and then a week of Recovery.

And then, my friends, I am a P90X grad.

When I meet Mr. Horton in June, I can proudly say, "Sir, you told me to bring it. And I did."

Turbo Jam will be a nice respite from the heavy lifting, and a chance to really focus on cardio and core. After that, who knows what will be next.

But, you know me. I'll plan it out.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me!

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