Monday, March 14, 2011

Turbo Jam: NEXT!

Turbo Jam.

It's a household name for those of us in the Beachbody biz. I was first introduced to Chalene Johnson via ChaLEAN Extreme. For long time readers, you know that it rocked my world. In a good way.

I moved to Turbo Fire.

Then, P90X.

I completely skipped Turbo Jam! Where have I been? Under a rock?

So, immediately following P90X, through which I am experiencing a slow down of weight loss and inches lost, but an increase in strength and muscle definition, I will be focusing on fat-burning cardio and working my core with Turbo Jam.

For the record, weight loss was NOT my goal for P90X. I chose P90X because it is the golden child of Beachbody and there was no way I was going to attend the Coach Summit in June having not done the program. It has always looked too difficult. Intimidating. Well, in three weeks, I will be a graduate. So there.

Turbo Jam is VERY WELL PRICED. And, along with 5 workouts and a great nutritional guide, you also get 2 bonus workouts and Sculpting gloves which I have even used during my Kenpo workouts with P90X.

I'd love for you to join me for April, May, and June. I will also be returning to running when the weather cooperates (I'm a fair-weathered runner).

So, for me, the plan is Turbo Jam AND running.

You can still join my Mountain Challenge if you would like, using Turbo Jam and Shakeology.  I'll also start a Facebook Group Page for accountability.

Stop trying to figure out plan for yourself. You are going to make your head spin. Beachbody programs do all the thinking for you. Just follow the plan by pressing "play".

Let me give you this assignment, and as you once remember from school days - a due date. The assignment is Turbo Jam. The due date is June 15 (2 and a half months of cardio and core). You would never dream of blowing off an assignment by not completing it. I know you. You're the responsible type. Your "school" project is due in June. So get going.

You can find out about Turbo Jam on my Team Beachbody site. Just click the Turbo Jam box to your right to read up on this awesome program.

The first week of April is right around the corner, and while that will technically be my Recovery Week for P90X, I'm going to start Turbo'ing that week.

Whose ready to jam with me?

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  1. I love Turbo Jam. I haven't done the program according to the plan yet... I am still on P90 X (3 weeks left myself). But I have used it to replace some of the P90 Cardio days, along with Brazilian Butt Lift and other beach body programs just to check them out. Not sure what I want to do next. I think you will nejoy Turbo Jam though :)