Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pay Less for P90X!

Why order from a Team Beachbody Coach?

1. HALF-PRICE SHIPPING. That's right. Purchase that program from my site, and PAY LESS in shipping.

2. FREE DVDS. Each Beachbody Program comes with free workout DVDS when they are purchased directly from a Coach. Extras like Turbofire Greatest HIIT Workouts, or Tony's Fountain of Youth Yoga. Each program has an "extra" waiting for you when you grab your next challenge directly from me at

3. SUPPORT YOUR HARD-WORKING COACH. I work hard. In the gym and out. If you are anything like me, you support businesses that give you the best service. I shop at Castle Toys and Games for the quality of the merchandise, the incredibly personal customer service I receive, and because I support local small business owners. Sure, my business is connected to a larger overall company, but get right down the nitty gritty and you are supporting moi. Thank you for shopping with me at

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