Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nearing 90

One more week of ChaLEAN Extreme.

One. More. Week.

Have I really committed to this journey for 90 days?


There have only been a few other instances where I've tackled a fitness commitment like I have here. The first was in 1992. Ballys Fitness actually became my friend and I whipped my tiny frame back into shape after the college years.

Then there was the Atkins diet, which, yes, (and shhh about it), worked for my body in 2000. I watched my body transform before my eyes. I kept that weight off. My body type responded beautifully to this way of eating. But, upon having a family, I realized that the grocery bill just couldn't hack it.

I also had the same dedication and fire upon training for each of my half-marathons.

But none of those experiences compare to this. Those were all "chunks" of a commitment to fitness.  None of them lead to a lifelong habit.  They were the means to a goal - but once the goal was reached, I fizzled out.

I think I have finally surpassed living in "chunks". This is my life now. It's habitual. It's natural. Quite simply, it's what I do.  It's not just a goal to go after - like running 13.1. It, and I know this sounds dramatic, has become a part of me.

ChaLEAN may end one week from today, but working out and challenging myself has not.  I have already committed to take some outdoor boot camp classes between ChaLEAN and TurboFire, which I will begin on July 12.  By the time winter rolls around again, I will have a library of incredible workouts in my home-gym - there to help me keep on track during those cold/snowy months. This year, winter won't get me as it has in the past.  I will be prepared.

90 days.  A few of you have come along with me.  A few of you are still moaning about bathing suit season.  A few of you are attempting a workout program that is completely out of your comfort zone.  A few of you are still complaining about not getting results from your regular exercise regime.

Chaleans says something similar to this in Lean Circuit 1.  "I've been telling you that lifting heavy helps you burn body fat.  If you haven't gotten that by now, I'm not sure you ever will."

Check your motivation.  Do you WANT physical transformation?  If yes, how much are you willing to change in your life to get there?  Do you NEED physical Transformation?  I think your doctor can help you answer that one.  What must you do  to get you over the hump and begin?

I told you, I got over my hump by becoming a Beachbody Coach.  It was a risky leap.  But, 90 days later, I am leaner, AND . . . yesterday I watched my husband rise at 5:30 to go for a 4 mile run with our Pastor as both of them are now training for a trail half-marathon.  THAT is a miracle.

Ask him.  He'll agree.  My personal choice to become a Coach, the execution of ChaLEAN Extreme, and the transformation he has seen in me, have served as a motivator for him.

Is trail running in his comfort zone?  Will it be easy?

Excuse me, but HELL NO!

When you are ready, I am here.

Stop giving up on yourself.

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