Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I'm in Week Two of the Lean Circuit of ChaLeAN Extreme and am already planning for my next program.

I have made so much progress in the past few months that I wouldn't dare end ChaLEAN and walk away from the habit I've worked so very hard to create.

So, here's the plan for my next 90 days, once I graduate from ChaLEAN Extreme:

TURBO FIRE! Oh yeah. TURBO FIRE! It will most certainly challenge me.

Along with TURBO FIRE (and yes, I am screaming it because I'm so excited about it), I'll be leading a fit club at our church once a week, where we'll be doing Body Gospel.

And then there's the desire to train for another half marathon. I'm telling you. I'm hooked. This is the most faithful I've been to any exercise regime since before having kids.

Many of you have made the decision to get started on programs that will challenge you.  Here's to the ChaLEAN Extremer's, P90Xer's, Brazil Butt Lifter's, Slim in 6'ers, and Body Gospeler's.  Others of you are still trying to make up your mind.  Let me mention that it's been over 60 days since I first shared with you about my new Beachbody business. What are you waiting for?

Do the programs look too hard? Well, yeah, they are difficult.  It's not chairaerobics.

Are they too expensive? Well, yeah, they are an investment that you can return to over and over and over again. How much is that gym per month?

Do you want to move "at your own pace"? Well, what IS your pace? If your pace is sitting still and doing nothing, then I'm sure you'll get results from that pace.  It's a choice.

I have a friend who just stepped waaay out of her comfort zone to begin Body Gospel. She took the last three days to do a Shakeology cleanse, and tomorrow is day one for the actual Body Gospel workout. She even had me measure her. That's friendship.  She is really going to give this her all. And I'll help.

Girl, and you know who you are . . . I'm sure we can work out that your kids vacate your place and come on up to Camp Jo while you "worshipize". Lame.

So here's the challenge. Remove this phrase from your list of go-to excuses: "I am going to try and workout."

I'm telling you, because I've been that person, that this statement reflects defeat. By making this statement you have already given yourself an out.

I want you IN!!!!!!!!!!

Say, I WILL workout. State it.  Like my other girlfriend who has boldly announced her commitment to Body Gospel to her entire Facebook family. And how have they responded? They are cheering her on!!!!!!!!!!

Step up. Or continue sitting down. Be assured, you'll get results with either choice.

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