Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Exercise Makes Me A Nicer Person

Drop a few pounds.

Lose inches.

Lower cholesterol.

Experience energy.

Increase muscle mass.

Burn fat.

Sure, we all know THESE reasons as to why we should choose INTENTIONAL regular exercise as a personal discipline.  But really, I think the best reason for exercise came out of the mouths of my babes after I reappeared upstairs following my 40 minute workout in the basement.

"Mom, you are nicer when you exercise."

It's true.  My mental state is more clear.  I am better able to manage my emotions.  I feel powerful.  Confident.  Clear-headed.

This isn't a new scientific discovery.  

Unfortunately, exercise seems to be the last "go to" when one feels down, angry, foggy, or stressed.  Most, when faced with these feelings, turn to TV, food, alcohol, or even a cigarette or two.  Or twelve.  The problem?  Both exercise and the "go to's" I've listed here have lasting effects on our bodies.

You're a smart person.  I'll let you figure out which option provides a healthier and happier long term lifestyle.

So, yeah, my kids are brilliant.

Mom is a better Mom when she exercises.

If you have been focusing solely on the physical benefits of exercise, let me encourage you consider the emotional benefits as well.

Your kids will thank you.

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  1. Just to add to your brilliance; if you do not couple exercise (in whatEVER form that takes) with proper hydration, you will not reap the benefits of fitness in this realm. You will be a low-energy crab without providing your body with what it so desperately needs.