Sunday, November 14, 2010

On the Heels of "Excuses, Excuses": Setback

I got my regularly scheduled fall cold last week.

Had a great workout on Monday - CRUSHED the pushups.

Tuesdays are my off days.

And then, Wednesday, it arrived.  Right on schedule for November.

Chain-smoking throat.



The gang was all there.

I still worked out with my Fit Club Wednesday night, but Th, F, and Saturday were a bust.  Add that to a tough week prior to this one, and I'm just feeling a wee bit off.

Since I've been doing Burn Circuit 1 of ChaLEAN every Monday, and I've not missed any Monday workouts for a while now, I'm going to vary things up and do RevAbs tomorrow and perhaps a Turbofire HIIT.  I need a jump start - something unexpected.  A program where I don't know the routine.  A program I've not conquered.  Having never done RevAbs, I figured I'd throw it in tomorrow to push myself.

My goal from now until Thanksgiving is to workout EVERY DAY (except for Sunday).  That means 9 workouts (10 with Fit Club) leading up to Thanksgiving Day.

After feeling wonky (that's a made up word that my daughter and I use for almost everything - in this case it means inconsistent) these last few weeks, it is super important that I do this from now until the holiday.  Whereas in the past I just gave up between Halloween and New Year's, this year I'm taking back the field.  This season is MINE and I'm taking an offensive strategy rather than accepting the holiday defeat.

Do you have a plan for these next few weeks?

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