Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tryptophan Ain't Got Nothing On Me

I gave myself a challenge 9 days ago.

In case you were tracking me, or taking on the challenge yourself, I am here to announce that I was successful - only missing one day of the 9.

I think THAT deserves me some turkey.

This was the first Thanksgiving in quite a long time that found me exercising ON the actual holiday.  This morning, I slept in, had a nice kolache breakfast, got the soup going (a wonderful Butternut Squash/Apple soup recipe from the Beachbody cookbook), and then disappeared into my sister's bedroom with my laptop, ChaLEAN Extreme dvd's and two resistance bands for a 40 minute preparation.


For the rest of the day.  Soup, turkey, stuffing, freshly made cranberry sauce, ham, broccoli.  Pie.  Pie.  Pie.

I do indulge at times.

However, it's even more fun to indulge when you know you've not neglected exercise for the days leading up to the food orgy.

Will I workout tomorrow?

You know it.  There's really nothing stopping me. I wasn't able to come up with even ONE excuse to stop me from doing Burn Circuit 2 today.

It's nice to have come to that point where I can always find "me" time.  Even if it's just 40 minutes.

So from now until December 31, I'll continue to issue short term challenges.  I'd love to have you join me as we prepare to usher in a new year.

But for now, shhhh.  Lay back on that couch and take a snooze.

See you at the gym tomorrow!

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