Friday, January 14, 2011

Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups: My New Nemesis

How's your workout going?

Mine's all new.  And parts of it really mess with my head.

Like pull-ups and chin-ups.

Push-ups were my original nemesis during ChaLEAN Extreme.  And while they are now challenging me even more so during P90X than they did on CLX, I do feel a bit more prepared and able to keep up (even if I drop to my knees and eventually eat carpet).

But with the pull-ups and chin-ups I have moments of, "Will I ever be able to lift my body up without the assistance of a chair?"

I have one glitch that I need to attend to before Monday's chest and back workout - sweaty palms.  I either need some gloves, or need to spray the bar down with something tacky, for my bar doesn't have spongy grips on it. I do think this will help, for there's no question that I'm getting stronger everyday.  I just can't hang on.  Slippage.

Imagine me standing there, staring up at the contraption I bought myself for Christmas.  Yes, I bought a pull-up bar with Christmas money.  I want a return on my investment.  And I'll get it.

Let's talk about your workout for a moment.

Is it challenging?

Is there an exercise you can not do easily?

P90X is challenging.  P90X is not easy.  P90X is for me what marathons are for some.  I want to be a P90X'er and it won't be an easy process for me.  But I don't want same 'ole, same 'ole with my fitness routine.  I want to be moving forward.  And moving forward means choosing challenges that I can not complete on Day 1.  Or, Day 11.

But at the end of the 90 days, I am assured that I will see results.

Results like rocking at least a pull-up or two, sans the chair.

Pull-ups?  I'm talkin' to you.  Yeah, you.  I'm comin' for you.

But first, a hot shower.  And maybe a little Biofreeze.


  1. Hey Joline!

    For slippy hands I recommend just tossing a kitchen towel over the bar, and then wrapping your hands around that. That's how us OSU rowers keep our hands dry and the pull-up bars from pulling off our hard earned callouses. (Sorry if that's Too Much Information :))
    Good luck!

  2. Thanks, chick! What an easy and cheap fix! Will try on Monday.