Monday, January 31, 2011

P90X: Day 30

Has it already been 30 days since I began my P90X journey?

It certainly doesn't seem like it to me because I missed all of Recovery Week due to illness.

Even today, I think I may be harboring a very vicious sinus infection. Still, I brought it Tony-style for Week 5, Day 1.

And I surprised myself.

Here are a few noticeable differences from Day 1 to Day 30:

I did a heck of a lot more push-ups on my toes today.

I have developed the "one more!", "two more!", "come on, three more!" mentality. Meaning, that I now push out reps until I seriously can not do any more. I am accustomed to face planting it on to my carpet during pushups due to fatiguing my muscles, and know that when my arms begin to tremble and I truly can't eek out one more, ONLY THEN is it time to put the weights down.

Ab Ripper X, which is NOT my favorite ab routine, actually revealed something new today. Today as I was going through the exercises, I just wasn't feeling anything in my core area.  Since I've started using this ab workout 4 weeks ago, I've been frustrated that I only seem to feel the burn in my legs and hip-flexors.  Whereas when I do Chalene's ab workouts, my core is SORE. So, here I thought that nothing was happening in that area . . . until . . . we got to that side oblique move.  You know, this one?

Well, imagine my surprise when I took my position to do the exercise, knowing that for the past month, I've not been able to do any reps while lifting my legs, not to mention I couldn't keep my legs together OR straight during those attempts,



Just last week, I had to keep one leg bent and couldn't lift my torso and legs at the same time. Today?


Hmmm, someone IS getting stronger, and Recovery Week is a part of the program for a reason:  RECOVERY!

Stats after 3 Weeks on the program (having missed Recovery week completely):

  • Down 4 lbs (and I'm not sure this is correct, cause, well, this is as "special girly" week)
  • Down 3.5 inches overall
  • Forgot to record my body fat 30 days ago.  Right now, it's around 17%, but I'm not sure I calculated that correctly.
My goal for the next 30 days:

  • Drop 5 lbs
  • Continue to flatten out that stomach
  • Do a pull-up or a chin-up without the assistance of a chair
  • Become friends with the meal plan again after taking a full week off

So, it's now January 31.  How'd the first month of year treat you?

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  1. Awesome.. I am feeling a bit off with recovery week because I feel like i should be doing more! Kind of miss the ab ripper, even though I hate it lol.