Sunday, September 19, 2010

Accountability Check-point

So, how did I do last week?

I shared my workout plan with you, and now, I need to check in and share how well I stuck to the plan.

Monday:  Ran 4 miles

Tuesday:  Body Gospel @ FIT CLUB (did NOT get in my Turbofire or Ab workout)

Wednesday:  NADA . . . boo

Thursday:  In planning for FIT CLUB, I tested a resistance program on Body Gospel.  It may work well for that group, but for me, I was underwhelmed.

Friday:  Ran 7 miles

Saturday:  BLEW IT . . . boo

Ok, so this week, I worked out only 3.5 times.  I'm only counting Thursday's workout as half a workout, for I really didn't move beyond being comfortable - no challenge.

This week's schedule?

Monday:  3 or 4 mile run
Tuesday:  Hip Hop Abs (in prep to lead it at an inner city after school program on Thursday)
Wednesday:  FIT CLUB:  first half - Body Gospel, second half (more advanced participants) - Turbofire HIIT 20.
Thursday:  CLX Burn 1, and Hip Hop Abs in afternoon
Friday:  8 mile run
Saturday:  Turbofire (either HIIT, or longer program)

Here's a convenient way to check off completed workouts.  Don't Break The Chain, is a cool site that I've added to my iGoogle.  All I need to do is mark each day I workout.  My goal?  Not to break the chain Monday-Saturday, for I will be taking Sundays off. 

So, have you decided to join me?
How many days a week do you plan to workout?

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