Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tracking Your Progress: Just Write It Down Already

Now that I've graduated from ChaLEAN Extreme and am training for a half-marathon next month, I am working on developing a hybrid of ChaLEAN/Turbofire/Running.

For months, I followed the daily workout as designated by Chalene in both of her programs, glancing at the calendar each day to see what exactly was on the docket.

Now, that I have a half marathon in 5 weeks, I've needed to actually put in some work designing a new schedule which will include resistance training, cardio, and mileage, and is based loosely on the official TF/CLX hybrid. I have written these workouts into my calendar.  Why?

The discipline of actually writing specific workouts into my planner furthers my success in three ways:

1.  By writing my workouts into my planner, I increase the chances that I will actually execute them.
2.  By writing my workouts into my planner, as well as sharing them on this blog, I choose to place myself in a position of accountability to my Beachbody customers, fellow coaches, and friends.
3.  By writing my workouts into my planner, I have the ability to track my progress every week, just as I did when using the calendars provided with other Beachbody programs.

I am also in the habit of tracking my calories everyday.  For eating too little will be counterproductive as I increase my mileage, and won't allow my body the fuel it needs to remain strong.  Eating too many calories will also come back to bite me - on the thighs, and the hips, etc.

So, I've begun using, My Fitness Pal as my personal food diary.


We already track so many things.  Grocery lists, our children's homework, family calendar events, chores around the house, bills, to do lists.

Why not exercise?

So here is my workout schedule for September 13-18 (I don't workout on Sundays):

Monday:  3 mile run
Tuesday:  Abs and either TF Sculpt or Tone 30, Body Gospel @ Fit Club
Wednesday:  CLX Burn 1
Thursday:  7 mile run
Friday:  TF Sculpt or Tone 30
Saturday:  TF HIIT 25

Will you join me in writing your workouts into your calendar each day?

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