Friday, September 17, 2010

Random Thoughts While Running

I am currently training for a half-marathon.

The half-marathon distance, 13.1, is my long run of choice.  I try to do at least one every year.  No, I won't do any longer runs.  Simply not interested.

I am by no means a fast runner, or even a natural runner, so I have no grand illusions of placing in a race.  I just want to improve my personal endurance.  I hope and push for a PB (personal best) time in every race I complete.

Although, as for beating my PB's, I don't think I'll ever run another 5K in 26.14, as I did a few days after finding out I was pregnant with Harper back in 2000.  I've never again seen that time with my name next to it.  And, well, that's just fine.  10 years later, I'm still pulling a 10 minute mile, and I'm cool with that.

My half-marathon pace is slower, so that means a lot of time on the road, with my iPod, and my thoughts.

Here's what was running through my head this morning, in no particular order:
  • I do not take walking breaks because I have to.  It's all strategy.  I have extra bones in my feet, (yeah, I'm a freak) which predisposes me to experiencing plantar fasciitis quite easily, for there's a tendon that can't get around the bone, and yada, yada.  Since adopting a run/walk interval, I've decreased both my times and my pain.  Please stop yelling, "Don't walk!  You can do it!", instead, how about, "You look great!  Keep it up!"  Wanna read more?  I'm not slowing to a minute of walking because I'm wimping out.  I'm walking so I won't be forced to wimp out later in the race.
  • Wait.  There's a pebble in my shoe.  I'm like the "princess and the pebble" of running.  Even if the pebble is the tiniest granule and stuck deep into the groove of my treads, I feel it, and must stop.
  • Did that woman just sneer at me?
  • Eye contact with drivers.  Keep eye contact with drivers.
  • The cemetery is next to McDonald's.  How fitting.
  • I so need to spit (I'm a spitter), but there are too many walkers today and I don't want them to think I'm spitting on someone's grave.
  • Crap.  Am I getting a blister on my toe?
  • Out of the cemetery.  Can safely spit now without my actions being misinterpreted.
  • Coldplay.  Thank God.
  • This area of town is creepy.  Note to self, change my course next time.
  • Oh, there's my neighbor!  Ok, not so creepy any longer.
  • Barking dogs behind a fence.  Scared the beejesus out of me.
  • Waving to other runners.  Waving.  Waving.
  • Is that kid seriously mimicking the way I run?
  • Left hip flexor is tight. Will work it on the next walk interval.
  • "I'm outta time and all I got is 4 minutes 4 Minutes, hey"
  • Lady Gaga is regurgitated Madonna.
  • Brick streets are charming unless you have to run on them.
  • Jesus is my help.
  • Stuck at the corner.  Traffic.  One guy waving me to cross. Other side not stopping.  Stuck.  Damn.
  • Almost home.  Gonna take the hill.
  • There are reasons I put a hill at the end of all my runs - it's for that extra push - builds strength, endurance, and mental toughness.  Just a bit longer.  The hill is .1.
  • P90X Recovery Drink - delicious (yes, that is both the truth and a product placement)
Had a tough go between 5-6, but still finished UNDER my usual half-marathon pace.  Wonder if I'll be able to keep that pace for 13.  13 Point One.  Can't forget the .1, cause when I do, it's bites me the patootie at the end of the race when I think I should be done.  Never underestimate the .1.

7.1 miles today.

8 next week.

What will I be thinking about next week?

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  1. This is great to hear what you are thinking. We all think it. It is funny to hear it in someone else's head too. Way to go on all your running - keep it up.