Friday, October 22, 2010

ChaLEAN Extreme Round TWO!

Deja vu?


I have decided to do another full round of ChaLEAN Extreme for a few reasons:

1.  I miss it.

2.  I miss the way the program makes me feel.

3.  I'd like to tackle P90X this winter, and I KNOW this will make me stronger in preparation for it.

So, week one has begun and I can already see evidence of how much stronger I am during Round Two. I am having to increase all the weights I used last go around, I can do all the 12 pushups on my toes (well, maybe not all the tricep ones), as opposed to only being able to do 1 or 2 when I started the program back in April.  And Burn Intervals?  Well, that workout kicked my butt last time.  And while it certainly did so yesterday, I was able to complete the whole 45 minutes without stopping.  It took me 90 days to get to that point last time.

It dawned on me today that one of the most prevelant excuses for not exercising is lack of time.

My workout today?

30 minutes.

30 minutes.

30 minutes.

In 30 minutes I did a solid leg and shoulder workout which challenged me, making my legs shake and my shoulder muscles burn.

I realize everyone's schedule is different, but for those of you who said "I don't have the time" back in April, I'm actually wondering if you ever did start SOMETHING.  Anything?  It's now been 6 months.  If time was the issue, what exercise program have you found that fits within your time constraints?

Yes, you caught me.  This is just my cheeky way of asking:

Is the issue really MINUTES?  Or MOTIVATION?

Tomorrow's workout?  26 minutes.

I think I can handle it.


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