Saturday, October 2, 2010

What's Old School About Diet and Exercise?

I was listening to a radio program the other day.  The hosts were interviewing a man who had "miraculously" lost 65 lbs "the old fashioned way".  Old fashioned?  What does that mean?

You guessed it:  diet and exercise.

The man "miraculously" lost 65 lbs and was well on his way to losing 100 through the "old fashioned" means of changing his diet and exercising.

Pray tell:


Sorry for screaming, but there is nothing antiquated or miraculous about diet and exercise.  Just check out this Roman mosaic of a young girl exercising with, GASP, weights.

Here's where our thinking has gotten totally screwed up due to a mixture of diet fads promising quick results, magic pills, and, frankly, the idea that losing weight and getting in shape should be convenient and easy.

Ironically enough, while listening to this program, I was headed into the city to lead a group of young adults in a Hip Hop Abs program - one they could barely complete . . .

There is just no other way to say it.

It. Is. Not. Easy.

Fitting in exercise, keeping up with exercise, and the specific exercise itself will never be convenient.  Why?  Because it is easier to blow it off, schedule something else in its place, and tell yourself "I deserve a day off", then it is to actually sacrifice the time and effort of putting your body through the paces.

Even I still fall into the trap.

I know that starting is overwhelming.  I have been where you are.  The first step/squat/bicep curl can totally suck.  It will hurt.  It won't feel comfortable.  You'll doubt you can finish.

But, you need to keep going.

First, decide whether you even want to get in shape.  If you don't, stop reading. For until you want it, until it becomes a priority, then nothing else (including me) will be able to motivate you to get started.

Second, if you DO want to get going, set a goal.  I've asked my Fit Club to attempt one, ONE, pushup on their toes this week.  Want to run a 5K someday?  How about losing that last 10 lbs?  What is it that you even want out of this?

Third, find a workout buddy - not necessarily someone with whom you will exercise (unless that works for you), but someone who will truly hold you accountable. 

Fourth, please get over the idea that this JOURNEY will be a cake walk.  Or that it is old fashioned and there has to be an easier way.  Put forth your best effort.  No phoning it in.

Fifth, let me know what you decide.

Call me old fashioned, but you won't find a quicker way to get the job done.  You will be disappointed in the results.

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