Wednesday, April 14, 2010

8 Days A Week

8 days in to ChaLEAN Extreme.

I am feeling fantastic. More energy. Stonger. The combination of the workouts and a clean eating plan are definitely making a positive dent on my overall well being: physically, for sure, but also emotionally and mentally. And I've even given myself a "blow" day this week to enjoy a glass of wine and some chocolate mouse while out on the Pitt-town with two special girlfriends.

The result?

These reactions from family and friends:

"Jo, your guns are coming back!"

My dear, dear husband made this remark on Monday. Monday marked my 6th workout with Chalene, and my 8th day on the program (it's not just exercise people . . . gotta change the way you eat also). Only the 8th full day and my arms are looking leaner and more sculpted.

Day 1 compared to Day 8

Not horrible.  I've never had flabby arms, but I did have wonderfully sculpted arms back in the day, and I want them back.

8 days into the program and my arms are definitely more toned and the re-birth of my bicep muscle is something to celebrate and continue building.

And upon my removing my coat at bible study yesterday, a friend remarked,

"Wow! Is THAT from the workout you are doing?"


"Your waist! It's so tiny."

Must be. I can't attribute it to anything else.

Other than 8 days of ChaLEAN Extreme which I am following to the T. To. The. Letter.

If she says drink a protein shake. I do.
If she says use the butt and thigh band. I do.
If she says lift to the point of failure. I do.

I do.  There's not cutting corners.  I'm invested.

But, no, you won't see the full "before" picture until I'm completely done.  And that one I'll post at, where you should be going to get yourself started on something radical.

Had this thought the other day.

Many of you are looking for a workout that completely fits you, but, in fact, the you that you are right now is the you that you desire to change.  Thus, wouldn't it be better to choose a workout which is NOT LIKE YOU?  Something uncomfortable?  Something challenging?  Something different?  If you want to change you, then you much change what you are doing.  Now, if you are currently doing nothing . . . well then, any new something will be the best choice.

Just do something.  And if you choose to do it with me (through any of the stellar Beachbody programs), I will be here to keep you motivated. 

Click here to see a rundown of the awesome programs we offer.

And once you get hooked, take the second step of getting PAID to get FIT.

Now, THAT is crazy.

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