Monday, April 12, 2010


I really like Beachbody's motto:

Decide.  Commit.  Succeed.

Here's another powerful motto:

Waffle.  Postpone.  Fail.

I honestly don't believe most people are quitters.  Underachievers?  Yes.  I am one.  I struggle with doing the bare minimum everyday.  However, by constantly berating myself for not finishing a project, I run the risk of developing a pretty nasty case of the "would of, could of, and should of's."  Not healthy.

So, rather than waffling, postponing, and thus ultimately failing, I have chosen to do the opposite.

I have forged ahead.

Stop over-thinking this.

I've had a number of people trying to decide whether they want to join me in conquering ChaLEAN Extreme, or any of the other programs offered by Beachbody.  Again, why Beachbody???

Quality of the programs.

And Accountability:  I will be on your side, as will countless others when you choose to use the online tools that Beachbody hands you for FREE.  Yes, you will be working out in your home.  Alone - unless you gather some friends.  But, after that workout, there is a cyber-community on hand to help track your personal progress.  You are not alone in the entire process.  Unless you choose not to use the tools.

It's just like not driving to that gym for which you pay a monthly membership fee not to use.

Your choice.

"But I don't know if I have the time."  Well, if this is a goal of yours, to focus on your health and wellness, you may just need to chop something else out of your schedule for a while until a habit for working out sets in.  Or, rise earlier.

I can't give you more time. But I can tell you that you can use this roadblock for years until you decide to physically move the roadblock. But, OK then, you don't have time.  Just sit behind the roadblock and wait for it to miraculously move itself.  I'm sure you'll burn some calories that way.

"It's too expensive." You get what you pay for. How's that "non-expensive" program working for you right now? Or that gym membership of $60 a month. If you aren't doing anything at all, then this is not a valid excuse. Sorry.

"I don't know if I'll like the program." You can't base anything on watching an infomercial or 3 minute clip. NEWSFLASH: You have to physically try it. Then, if you don't like it, Beachbody let's you return it (less S & H). Try that at Best Buy or Amazon once you've opened a DVD.

I'm not trying to be a smart-a%$. It's just that I have been an excuse-maker for years. I finally know what I want - which is the first step.

What do you want?

Stop over-thinking this and get started. Or wait another day. And another. And another.

And then get back with me to share the results of that plan.

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