Monday, April 19, 2010

Increase = Decrease

I know. It sounds contradictory.

Lifting heavy weights will not necessarily bulk you up. Women fear this, so they shun the almighty dumbbell. I'm telling you, this is NOT what I am experiencing. The amount of weight I life is up. As of this morning. Everything else, my friend is going down!

Ladies, you are missing out.

Repeat after me. Muscle BURNS fat. Muscle BURNS fat. Muscle BURNS fat. But . . . it's not easy.

Intervals, strength/resistance training, and diet.


Leave the diet part out and you can just fuggedaboutit.

That's why Chalene's program is so darn good.  Not only does she have me fatiguing my muscles, but I am refueling with 1400 calories a day.  Here's a look at the program:

Day One:  Burn Circuit 1 (lifting heavy weights at a slow speed for 10-12 reps)
Day Two:  Off
Day Three:  Burn Intervals (lifting lighter weights for more reps with cardio interval blasts worked in)
Day Four:  Burn Circuit 2 (like Monday, only different exercises)
Day Five:  Burn Circuit 3 (ditto)
Day Six:  Burn it Off (another tough cardio interval day)
Day Seven:  OFF
(for more detail please visit my Team Beachbody Coach website,or click the ChaLEAN advertisement above)

I also add in ab workouts, a great yoga-like recharge stretch, and, on one of the off days, I run, or play tennis or pop the ab dvd back in.

My longest workout?

60 minutes.

After this week and next I will move on the next 30 day phase. Wondering what it will look like - but I'm not going to peek ahead.

My results from 10 actual ChaLEAN Extreme Workouts (which means two full weeks on the program, which includes adjusting my diet):
  • Although I'm not supposed to, I stepped on the scale, 'cause I just felt leaner.  Down.  6.5 lbs.
  • I am definitely looking more sculpted.  My arms especially.
  • Had to tighten the belt to keep the pants from gaping in the back, which would not be pretty.
  • NOT HUNGRY.  Funny what eating 6 times a day, and clean foods at that, rather than starving one's self or eating tons of fat-free crap can do for your overall well being.
I am working hard.  Really hard.  There's no shortcut.  Sorry.

I think I may do it because I know there's a chocolate-peanut butter protein shake waiting for me after I workout every morning.

I'm doing this for myself. My husband, children, and friends will certainly reap the rewards of my commitment to myself, but as I mentioned in an earlier post, this is my "gas mask". I'm securing mine SO THAT I can secure masks for the others in my life.

What have you decided?

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