Friday, April 23, 2010

Brand Loyalty

When I like something, I tend to become an evangelist for it.

Books. Films. Restaurants. Products.

If I like it, I'm going to talk it up.

That is not usually the norm. I once heard a statement that those with negative feedback about a product or service tend to be more vocal than those who have had a positive experience with the same item.

Negative comments outnumbering positive ones. How sad.

Thus, I tend to shower my favorite products with praise and then sing those praises at the top of my lungs (usually in a tune that can be equated with musical theater) for all to hear. Often, there are jazz hands involved. And a jazz square.

I am certainly doing this with Beachbody. Simply put, Beachbody is my choice for fitness products.

I also do this with Mary Kay. Mary Kay is my choice for skin care and cosmetics.

I do this with restaurants. I prefer the local Chinese take-out to the buffet. I prefer the locally owned coffeeshop to Starbuck's (except on Earth Day when Starbuck's gave me coffee for free - I'm no dummy.)

I will not shop at Walmart.

It's funny, though. Being so vocal about brand loyalty seems to make folks defensive.

Truly, whether you prefer "this or that" comes down to opinion, but when one (like myself) sees such incredible results with the products I choose, it's hard not to want to share them.

I have one more ChaLEAN Extreme workout and then I've completed 3 weeks. 3 weeks of working out AND eating clean. My reward: muscle tone, weight loss, and increased energy. Why would I not speak of it, or any of the programs that Beachbody has to offer, to those who continue to struggle with this area of their lives?

So whether I'm talking up Beachbody, Mary Kay, or my local, "old school" pharmacy, no need to get testy. I just like to share what works for me. And by working for me, I do mean: healthy body, great skin, and money in my pocket for sharing the products with others.

But, would you mind my asking you to look inward to see what it is that might bring out a defensive response to my transparency? It's ok. We're all friends here.

Are you really wanting to tackle a new exercise program, but just don't know how?
Is cost your concern?
Would you secretly like to make a little extra money but are afraid of the risk?

All valid concerns. I had every single one myself.

But, as Mark Twain once said, "Get your facts first. Then, you can distort them as much as you please."

And . . . don't sell yourself short.

For YOU are a fabulous brand. And thus, as is my way, I will totally talk you up and walk the journey with you.

'Cause I dig you.

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