Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Eeks! A Spider!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, that spider would be me.

Burn Circuit 2 of ChaLEAN Extreme today. Sweat pouring down my back. Figuring out what amount of weight I need to lift so that I hit failure. Shaking legs. And then? She ends with push-ups. ENDS with push-ups.

I began on my knees, knowing that my arms were way too tired to sustain me if I did I regular push-up on my toes. But, then, Chalene told me to attempt at least one on the toes.

So I did.

Three spider push-ups on the toes.

And then I fell flat on the floor.


She made a good point in this workout.

"Don't say you are going to TRY to work out. Say I WILL work out."

I had to press "pause" a few times, to drink water, reconfigure my weights (I use powerblocks), and just breathe. But, the important thing is that I didn't press "stop".


Take pause and reflect upon the amount of time we spend complaining about our bodies, against the time we actually invest in doing something about it.

I gave it 44 strong minutes today.


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  1. Great job Jo! I had a great workout, besides having a bad cold! I upped my weights a bit..starting using my husbands (now mine!) "Power Blocks". We tried the weights Chalene uses..but way to bulky, and not made as well as "Power Blocks"...that's my 2 cents. Got the shaky legs too! I have to admit (not to be bragging) but I'm pretty strong with push-ups, only because I've had done P90 and P90X in the past. Like she said, you have to build up to it, and believe it or not, they will become your favorite! It's the best core work you can do for your body!
    See you tomorrow for the Burn Intervals and Abs...yeah baby! ;-)