Tuesday, April 6, 2010

40 Means Squat (literally. lots of squats.)

Oh, geez. What is she doing now?

Hey! I can hear you!

Here's the deal. I'm 40. I look like I'm 40. I've NEVER looked my age. EVER. I've always passed for younger. But now, when I look in the mirror, I see 40 staring at me from every angle. Not my skin, mind you. Mary Kay has taken care of that. I'm talking about below the neck.

The definition I used to have in my arms? Gone. The girl who never had a belly? Has one. The woman who has seen proof that she can tone up those legs and thighs? Now carrying a ton of junk in her trunk.

The last year and a half has tried to beat me.

And yet, I'm still standing. And now I'm in a place where I can say, "BACK THE FAT UP!" I will no longer allow mediocrity, as it pertains to my personal health and wellness, to take the upper hand.


I made the choice to become an Independent Team Beachbody Coach. Yep, the P90X peeps. The way I see it, (in what you may call that crazy head of mine) is that in order to get the results I want to see, I MUST LIVE AS IF I HAVE ALREADY SEEN THE RESULTS. Thus, I will be taking on 90 days of ChaLEAN Extreme, and TELLING people that I am doing so. I want my drive to encourage and motivate YOU to take a new step, try a new program, and push yourself farther than you ever have.

Think about it. If what you are currently doing isn't producing the results you want, you have a choice to either keep on doing what your doing, or change it up.

As much as Dr. Phil grates on my nerves, he does have one saying that holds a lot of weight (no pun intended), "How's that workin' for you?"

I know pushing. I have run half-marathons and the endured the "push" through all the trainings and the races. (Ok, marathoners, shhh, I am PROUD to be a half-marathoner). But, I think what has really built within me the ability to push through hardship are the years I spent on the audition circuit back in my acting days. How many people can endure audition after audition, no after no, and STILL keep going? I look back fondly at how hard I trained for those audition. How hard I prepped. How hard I persisted. AND HOW FIT I STAYED DURING THOSE DAYS - as the camera does not lie. I then turned that persistence into training others on how to audition, get that call-back, and land the job. And they did.

I'm a teacher at heart.

So now, I will take my friend on her first 3 mile walk. I will encourage my girlfriends to break the habit of doing the same 'ole, same 'ole on the machines at the gym in exchange for something that will, at times, make them want to quit. And while motivating them, Coach Jo will be doing the exact same thing. In fact, this girl may even get certified to teach group fitness.

And then? Four Mile Church? I'm bringing it to you by way of a new program Beachbody will be unveiling this Spring: Body Gospel.

I'm done. I'm over it. It's time to try something that frightens me a little bit.

Beachbody, here we go.

Whose coming with me?

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